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the planet. This documentary will also identify the ever-growing business opportunities for Africans of the diaspora and Africans on continent  to engage in commerce amongst each other. Africa is fun, pure fun. While in Africa, I have always kept a smile on my face and a smile on my heart. I There was never a dull moment. There is so much excitement and adventure.I felt like a kid again.

Many African Americans complain about not receiving any respect. Truth be told, the reason for this is because many of us don’t respect ourselves. We carry an arrogance and disrespect for mother Africa, which in turn is disrespect towards our ancestors. In my opinion, disrespecting ones ancestors can lead to the possible non-fulfillment of ones true blessings. We are the only group of people that have this deterring disposition towards their homeland and must put an end to it once and for all.

The ultimate goal for "In Search of Uhuru”  is the concept being transformed into a television series/reality show in which Africans of the diaspora uncover their tribe of origin in Africa and together,we would embark on a journey there.  If they are up to it, we would also climb Mt. Kilimanjaro. So let’s prepare ourselves for the journey home, remembering that Uhuru indicates freedom to those in search of it.

an immediate release. I was free. I now had a much deeper sense of self-identity. I was no longer just a black male or an African whom happened to be in Africa due to circumstances out of my control. I wanted to take this new found knowledge to another level. It then dawned on me. “Why not go and visit my tribes of origin, the Mende and Balanta peoples?” I would also go back and re-climb Mt. Kilimanjaro; this time determined to reach Uhuru Peak.

 This documentary will serve many purposes. Firstly, it will work to bridge the communicative gap between Africans and Africans of the Diaspora. Believe it or not, many Africans are longing for their brothers and sisters here in America to come home. Secondly, I believe this documentary will offer an opportunity to give a true depiction of Africa. Currently, most portrayals of Africa are coming from non-African outlets and these channels maliciously propagate an appalling  image of Africa which is the complete opposite of what I have experienced firsthand. Moreover, it will dispel the stereotypes; most commonly that there is no hope for Africa and that all of its people are corrupt. There is more to Africa than just spears, jungles and  lions. It is immersed with technology centers, natural wonders that cannot be found anywhere else on the planet, precious resources and minerals, and a people with culture and history so rich in tradition that it is unrivaled. Africa is the richest continent on...


an American, they still inquired on my tribe of origin which in turn I had no answer. I had to re-educate them on the African slave trade and how many were disconnected from their ancestral roots. Engaging in dialogue like this, sparked the desire within me to uncover my ancestral descent. I purposed in my heart to discover my roots as soon as I went back to America. My  research led me to the established genealogy website, AfricanAncestry.Com.  After my DNA was carefully analyzed, I discovered that I am of the Mende Tribe of Sierra Leone on my mother’s side and the Balanta Tribe of Guinea-Bissau on my father’s side.

One of the most exhilarating and exciting, yet undoubtedly one of the most physically and mentally draining experiences of my life was climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. Not even the 400 meter dash  or mat drills challenged my stamina and endurance as much as the three-day trek up the highest free-standing mountain in the world. The sub-zero weather mingled with the thin air did nothing to help my quest to Uhuru Peak. Unfortunately, I did not make it to Uhuru Peak. Due to altitude sickness, I summited at Gilman’s Point. This is where I had hung my white flag… “For now at least.” I then thought to myself, in my family, we don’t believe in leaving things undone. This setback, inspired what is now “In Search of Uhuru”; the documentary.

Uhuru is the Swahili word for freedom. Once I discovered my heritage, I experienced  ......